Welcome to Norsire Farm

Norsire Farm's New Barn with attached Apartment.

Norsire Farm's Apartment.

Goldfish Pond

Norsire Farm's 18 acre Broodmare Field.

Norsire Farm's Broodmares in their individual 16x16 feeding pens.

Norsire Farm's Wash Stall and a 12 x 12 Stall with automatic waters and poured rubber stalls.


Norsire Farm's Run in Shed in Young Horses Field.


Norsire Farm's Young Horse 11 acre Field.

Norsire Farm's Entrance Garden and Stone Bench Garden.

Norsire Farm's Special Pink Coral Tree.

Norsire Farm has large spacious fields for all of their horses.  All the fields have automatic waters, 3 board fencing, 16 x 16 feeding pens, large run in sheds, large trees, salt and mineral blocks, and free choice grass and/or hay 24/7.  The barn has poured rubber floors in all the stalls and the wash stall.  The wash stall has hot and cold water.  The stalls all have large windows, automatic waters, hay racks, black enamel baked  wire grid fronts on all the stalls for more ventilation and poured rubber floors.  The tack room has hot and cold water, sink, refrigerator, lab, and full bay window (for the kitties to lounge in and watch the birds eating out of a bird feeder just out side the window).  We have a breeding dummy for collecting the stallions for shipped semen.  There is a 4 car garage for cars and equipment, as well as a drive through for the truck and trailer.

I have a huge passion for gorgeous and unique horses, gardens, flowers, ponds and trees and wanted to share some of my passions with you, so you could get a feel for Norsire Farm.   We are located within 2 miles of 3 Top Award Winning Vineyards!  Please come and visit Norsire Farm next time you are in the area, we would love to give you a tour of our farm, horses, and gardens. 
Bridget Perry

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