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The Solid Stone Foundation of any breeding program is your mares.

Norsire Farm is pleased to present their outstanding mares. 
All of our mares were hand picked for their outstanding attributes.  Our most important trait that we look for is temperament, without a wonderful disposition and a heart of gold you have nothing.  Next we look for athletic ability, movement, conformation and pedigree.  And of course we look for color to add the icing on the cake!
In-Utero foals offered for sale.
Custom foals offered for sale.

In-Utero Sales Process Explained...

It basically works this way, the client chooses a mare that is already infoal and due with a foal.  The client purchases the in-utero foal that the mare is carrying, this comes with a live foal guarantee.  If, the mare doesn't deliver a live foal that stands and nurses, the breeding is repeated.  The resulting foal is the purchasers once it stands and nurses.  Norsire keeps the foal until weaning time at 4 months old.   Norsire cares for, boards and foals the mare out.  Cost the purchaser is responsible for are all the foal's vet bills, ferrier bills, worming, and ect.  For more details and an in-utero contract give us a call.

Custom Foal Sales Process Explained...

Custom foals work the same as the in-utero foal sales, expect the client can pick out a Norsire Farm broodmare and a Norsire Farm stallion of their choice.  Custom foals have to have a down payment before the mare is covered by the stallion.

We can guarantee color on some in-utero and custom foals, but can't guarantee the sex.

Our mares consist of an outstanding collection of exotic colored Thoroughbreds!

Please Click on Mare's name for more photos!


Kristy's Blaze - 2002 Jockey Club TB Chestnut Sabino pinto mare by Sunny's Halo out of Wavering Silk by Wavering Monarch.  Our newest mare was used by the previous owner who is a 63 year old man to rope his cattle, as his mount, since his QH was getting too old and slow for him.  This is after she came off of the race track.  As her previous owner said, "I don't ride an ugly horse and she was the pretties one here!"  She is an absolute sweet heart and will be used as a light riding horse and be bred.  She is a very pretty mare with a gorgeous head, huge hip and short coupled.  We can't wait to see her first foal, it should be gorgeous!  Krystal is infoal to Zillionair for a March 2011 foal 100% guaranteed to be palomino! 

Kristy's Blaze Pedigree

To see her foals please click on foals name below.  
2007-Fine Gold Broker Sabino Palomino TB Colt By Zillionair

2008-Golden Peach Blonde Sabino Palomino TB Filly By Zillionair
2009-Easter Blessing Sabino Palomino TB Colt By Zillionair
2011-Golden Beach Bum Sabino Chocolate Palomino TB Colt By Zillionair

Revered King-2002 Dual Reg. Jockey Club & APHA TB Loud Sabino Chestnut mare by King of Kings out of Fine by Raise A Man.  Candy was given to Norsire Farm in April of 2007 after her race career was over.  She was trained by the famous Rodney Jenkins, that we all know from the show world of hunters/jumpers.  I have to thank the lovely lady Jill in Maryland that put me in touch with this mare and set up the connection for me!!!.  I also want to thank the Haughey family for giving me this wonderful mare!!!  Check out her pedigree while you wait for up coming photos of her.    Revered King is infoal to Zillionair for a May 2011 foal that is guaranteed to be palomino and possibly get full registry a APHA papers.

Revered King Pedigree

To see her foals please click on foals name below.
2008-Tiny Golden Dancer-Palomino Sabino TB Filly & Dual Reg APHA By Zillionair

2009-Izzy's Wedding Day-Palomino Sabino TB Filly & Dual Reg APHA By Zillionair
2010-Sunflower Blossom-Palomino Sabino TB Filly & Dual Reg APHA By Zillionair
2011-Ambitious Blonde-Palomino Sabino TB Filly & Dual Reg APHA By Zillionair



Ebony Gold Iris-2006 Jockey Club Reg TB Buckskin Sabino Mare by Zillionair out of Rita On The Rocks, born on May 29th, 2006.   This adorable mare will enchant you with her charming personality!  Iris is absolutely flawless in every way.  Aside from being very correct, she has the kindest eyes that are enhanced by an exquisite dished face.  She is by far the prettiest of the three fillies out of Roxy.  You can see her dam on the mare page.  Iris has a gorgeous neck that flows into a wonderfully sloped shoulder, connecting to a perfect topline, ending with a well rounded rump.  She is the third buckskin TB filly for Norsire Farm and we are very proud of her.  Iris is an elegant mover, covering the ground with grace and style.   She has lots of chrome accented by a black mane and tail, and to say that she is stunning would be an understatement!!!  Her innocent, "doe like" gaze will leave a lasting impression that will capture your heart!  When this mare graces your presense, we guarantee that she'll render everyone speechless! 
Iris is infoal to Pure White Gold for a April 2011 foal and possible full dual reg with APHA!!!

To see her foals please click on foals name below.
2010-Preakness Gold-Perlino Sabino TB Colt & Dual Reg APHA By Pure White Gold

2011-Blonde Surfer Dude-Cremello Sabino TB Colt & Dual Reg APHA By Pure White Gold


Golden Peach Blonde- 2008 Jockey Club Reg TB Palomion Sabino Filly by Zillionair out of Kristy's Blaze by Sunny's Halo.  Born on March 14th, 2008 at 3:58 AM.  Peaches is the creator of a new color Golden Peach Blonde.  This filly has one of the prettiest heads I've ever seen on a horse! She will stop you dead in your tracts when she graces your presence.  She has the legs and the athletic stamina of a Las Vegas dancer with the figure to finish off the package.  She is a very sweet, with an out going personality.  She is always looking for love from anyone who enters her stall or the field.  This filly will excel in the hunters, jumpers or eventing.  IHF-International Hunter Futurity eligible.  Peaches won the 2 Year Old TB Filly Class at Upperville Colt & Horse Show in 2010!!!  She was Reserve Champion 2 Year Old TB Filly at Warrenton Horse Show in 2010!!!  She also placed in the Sally B Wheeler Championship Class against not only TB's but the WB Colts and Fillies too.  Peaches should have some incredible foals for us in the future!!!


Victorian Gold Rose 2009 Jockey Club Registered Sabino Palomino Filly by Zillioniar out of Tassolette by Tasso. Born on May 19th, 2009 at 12:04 AM.  Tori is so special in so many ways and so dear to my heart...she is one of those once in a lifetime fillies!!!  She is just breath taking to look at and has the conformation and movement to match.  She just captures everyone's attention the moment they lay eyes on her!!!  Her rich and dark palomino color with her above the knees and hocks stockings just adds that much more icing to the cake!!!    I have been told by one of my clients "she is so perfect, she looks like she should be on top of a wedding cake!!!"  She is all that and much, much more!!!  She is not for sale unless you have robbed a bank recently and really want her!!! Tori has won numberous classes and Championships at Upperville and Warrenton Horses!


Our past foundation mares click here.

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