Imported German Shepherd Line Puppies 
By Oh No Nico Windenhimmel 
Out of Kiki Vom Tsalihaus

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Oh No It's Friday Vom Norsire

Gustof Vom Norsire

Here's the pictures I promised you.  What a funny boy he is.  When he wants more food he picks up his bowl and carries it into the den.  He tries it with his water bowl, which makes quite the mess, so I replaced it with one he can't pick up.  No problem for little Gustof - he just drags the rug the bowl sits on.  He's too smart!  Gotta love that face. Thank you so much for entrusting him to us. We love little Gustof!


Enjoying a grass fed lamb bone!

He learned quickly to stay on the throw rug with his raw bone.  What a smart boy!

Nico JR Vom Norsire
April 2009 JR in my bed.

 Runchkin Vom Norsire
May 8th, 2009 Runchkin having fun!

Runch checking out Candy's new foal.

Runchkin and Bitch kitty.

Pups First Tractor Ride
 May 23rd, 2009 Pups 15 weeks old today.

Nico JR Vom Norsire

 Runchkin Vom Norsire

Nico JR Vom Norsire
He is not spoiled with toys! LOL!

Runchkin Vom Norsire
Runch's First Day in the Pool May 24th, 2009. 
He loved it and was a natural with water!

Runch is exhausted after his first day in the pool!!!  Nite, nite Little Buddy!

Nico JR Vom Norsire
Checking out the Pool on May 24th, 2009. 
He decided it was NOT safe to be in that "new thing" in his yard!

JR in the yard after his mom picked him up and put him in the pool and now he is all wet!

A while later dried off watching Runchkin play in "that thing" in his yard!

I'm out of here mom..I don't want to go in "that thing!"

Nico JR Vom Norsire
A day later May 25th, 2009 Memorial Day, JR is not too sure about the "new thing" in his yard yet!

With Fred's encouragement we have a paw in for the first time on his own.

I got that ball out of the "new thing!"

Getting braver...we have a foot in!!! LOL!

Now you can't keep me out of the pool...what fun this is!!!

Wow this is GREAT Fun!!!!

JR and Runchkin's first trip to Harper's Ferry, WV for lunch in the Rose Garden and Ice cream for desert afterwards...they loved their first vanilla soft ice cream!!! June 6th, 2009

JR says "hurry up and give me my ice cream!"

Runchkin enjoying is first soft vanilla ice cream!

From the looks of it, JR enjoyed his ice cream.

That was delicious mom!

Runchkin being a daddy's boy!!!

Jen, Karen, Alan, JR, Runchkin and me swimming at Omar's Pool!!!
June 26th, 2009

Runchkin crashed on the couch after swimming!!!  He's wiped!!!

 Photos of JR, Kiki and Runchkin for our marestare buddy Paula/PKJ!
June 28th, 2009

 First Puppy Class on June 29th, 2009

Gustof...what handsome boy and so big!!!

Friday goes for his First cute!!!! July 3rd, 2009!

 JR & Runchkin's First July 4th, Franklin Park in Purcellville, VA...the same place we spent out last Holiday with Nico before he passed 6 days later in 2008!!!

Friday broke his toe running and playing in the yard...he got quite the cast at the emergency clinic!!!  He is getting signatures from all his friends on his cast.
July 11th, 2009

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Check back often for updates on all the pups...please send photos of your pups for us to post here and share with all their admirers from around the world!

Oh No Nico Windemhimmel

Kiki Vom Tsalihaus


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