Imported German Shepherd Line Puppies 
By Oh No Nico Windenhimmel 
Out of Kiki Vom Tsalihaus

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Kiki, JR and Runchkin Swimming at Omar's on their 6 month old birthday!!!

Hurry mama...we want to swim...NOW...let us out!!!

Runchkin my new hunter, check out his perfect form!

Kiki watches Runchkin's first dive.

Kiki doing her "girly" dive. 
Fred says she dives in like a girl...she does not want to get the hair on her head wet!!! LOL!

Kiki and Runchkin swimming.

Runchkin takes off for another perfect dive!!!

All three swimming with papa.

Kiki warning JR to stay off of her back while swimming!!!
He likes to try to crawl on her back.

JR, help me out of this scary pool!!!

Fred helping the boys to the steps in the pool.

Kiki telling the boys..."it's time to come out of the pool now boys for a rest."

Kiki and Runchkin looking for their next spot to dive in the pool.

Kiki doing a BIG dive...not a girly one!!! LOL!

Runchkin showing us how to make a perfect dive from start to finish.

Check out the form and height on this dive!!! 
A PERFECT 10!!!!

Kiki and Runchkin diving in on Fred and splashing him!!!

Kiki doing another "girly" dive!!! LOL!!!

Runchkin perfect form AGAIN!!! 
I need to find a dog diving contest to enter him in!!!!  That's ma boy!!!

JR, Kiki and Runchkin swimming cute!

Mama swimming with the pups!!! 

JR and Runchkin swimming with mama and Kiki Bird watching from the side.

 The end...time for the boys to get out of the pool for a rest!!!

 The Puppy Reunion Pool Party!!!
The puppies have all returned home for their 6 month old birthday, but Friday the one in CA!!!
August 15th, 2009!
JR and Runchkin would like to welcome you to their Puppy Reunion Pool Party!

Kiki Vom Tsalihaus

Runchkin Vom Norsire
aka The Runt/Black Collar

Nico JR Vom Norsire
aka JR/Blue Collar

Gustof Vom Norsire
aka Whitey/White Collar

Zenith Vom Norsire
aka Yellow Girl/Yellow Collar

Cleo Patra Vom Norsire
aka Pink Girl/Pink Collar

Zeus Vom Norsire
aka Green Bean/Green Collar

Oh No It's Friday Vom Norsire
aka Lavender Boy/Lavender Collar

Runchkin being silly with his one ear while posing for photos..silly pup!

JR whispering sweet nothings to Maddy, Charlie's grandaugher...Charlie was Kiki's Breeder in Berryville, VA.   Wonder what he told her!!!??!!

Please send photos of your pups to be added here on our web site!!!

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Oh No Nico Windemhimmel

Kiki Vom Tsalihaus


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