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Norsire Farm   14874 Cider Mill Rd    Purcellville, VA 20132
Phone/fax (540) 668-9095



Norab   Jalapeno   Issue of Gold Gold Card   Zillionair  Pure White Gold


Welcome to Norsire’s breeding barn. Our objective is to produce foals with outstanding dispositions, correct conformation, athletic ability, and unique and rare color. We specialize in Palominos, Whites (not albino), Buckskins, and Pintos. We have rare White and Palomino Thoroughbreds registered with the Jockey Club and rare Buckskin Pinto Warmbloods. We also have other Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, and Thoroughbred/Warmblood crosses in unique and rare colors. We hope to have some Buckskin Thoroughbreds and Palomino/white Pinto Warmbloods. We just had our first Cremello Thoroughbred foal on August 20, 1998 and our second on August 3, 1999!   They are full brothers, so we are putting Billionair up for sale, as we don't need two full brothers to stand at the same farm.  They are to our knowledge, two of only a handful of Cremello Thoroughbreds in the world! At Norsire we handle our foals daily, so that when you purchase your unique colored foal, it won’t be just another pretty face...it will also lead, crosstie, clip, bathe, and load in a trailer. We are famous for our “user-friendly” foals that go on to be cherished companions to their new owners. Enjoy our stallions’ pages and be sure to visit our sales page and view their available offspring.


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