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Bridget Perry & Pure White Gold
aka Snowman

We are very proud to share some correspondence received from our customers, clients, and visitors.  We can provide contact information for the people listed below upon request.   We here at Norsire feel that "word of mouth" is the best form of advertisement. Our success can be attributed to the quality horses we produce, and people like the individuals below, that believe in our breeding program.   This makes it all worthwhile.....

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February 19th, 2012


YOU ROCK!! Thank you!
With YOUR help we are good for volunteers on Saturday!
I really, really appreciate it!

Thank you,


February 1st, 2012
Zillionair Son So Quiet For A TB!


I have Regalo del Oro for a few years now out of Moserwood's program from their mare Full of Happiness. Everyone is SO impressed with him, they always think he's a quarter horse gelding! Hardly anyone believes he's a Thoroughbred stallion due to his gentle temperament and unbeatable personality. Mares present or not he's such a gentleman and such a wonderful, uncomplicated ride. We're up near Edmonton, Alberta.
Hoping this year will be his first showing, been letting him grow up and just doing training. He (as a coming 5 year old) is still bum high and not filled out at all believe it or not.

February 1st, 2012
New Baby Due

So excited about your first foals this year. Good Luck and
may you get what you want. You deserve it with all the love and hard
work you put into your farm, horses and your dogs.

I followed your foaling season last year starting I believe with Grace and watching the whole foaling season. If you recall I came upon your link accidentally because my son alerted me to justintv and I accidently caught your site. I watched Graces foal being born and I saw how devoted and how hard you worked at your passion and for the welfare of your horses and how people liked you so much that I watch wanting to enjoy this season too. I was a trainer of sporting dogs in my younger years so I was instantly interested in your dogs. I e-mailed you last year and you printed my letter in your testimonials.  Animals of most  kinds interest me.  Sorry I wrote a book.

Have a good year,

PS. I will be standing in the background patting my foot to help as much
as I can. LOL!


January 25th, 2012
Golden Boy aka Pesty

Hi Bridget,

I just wanted to let you know that Apollo (formerly known as Pesty) is doing absolutely wonderful. He is growing like a weed, and is just beautiful and perfect - we are in love with him! He is starting to grow in a lovely dark gold coat - and he is already 14'1 at the withers and almost 14'3 at the butt! He is one of the fastest learners I've ever worked with, and he is totally unflappable. He's already learned to respond to verbal commands, and to walk and respond to the whip on the lunge line. I will be taking him to some small schooling shows this spring, and I will show him in some halter classes to give him some miles in the show ring. I am so excited about his potential! He is incredibly sweet and well mannered, and he is so loveable! I had to go to Washington DC for a couple days in December for business, and my trainer and everyone at the barn said he was just miserable without me there, and whinnied until I came home! We have such a strong bond already, and I canít wait to see what the future holds for us!

I will also be taking him to an American Warmblood Society Inspection early this Summer.  Thank you so much, and keep fingers crossed that he does well and is branded!


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