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Bridget Perry & Pure White Gold
aka Snowman

We are very proud to share some correspondence received from our customers, clients, and visitors.  We can provide contact information for the people listed below upon request.   We here at Norsire feel that "word of mouth" is the best form of advertisement. Our success can be attributed to the quality horses we produce, and people like the individuals below, that believe in our breeding program.   This makes it all worthwhile.....

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December 26th, 2007
Phone Card's Christmas Card

Hello Bridget,

 I just want you to know that Phoebe (Phone Card) is doing well. I have been putting my time into training her with Dee (my trainer) to train her in Dressage. Attached see our simple Christmas card.  It is little fuzzy because of the lighting but I wanted you to see that she is fine. I am trying to put together a video of  a lesson so you can see what a good mover she is.

I hope your holidays have been good to you.



December 15th, 2007
Fan from England

I would just like to say what an amazing filly you have bred in
Snow White Lady, She really is stunning!

I wish she was in Europe so I could afford her, but Ií sure such a super filly would be well outside my price range.

I thought I would email just to say what a fantastic collection of horses you have and how impressive your website is!



November 13th, 2007
White Thoroughbreds -a true gift from God!

Hi from the Sunshine State-
Hope all is well in VA - I'm still hoping my husband, son and I are able to make a trip up to the Washington D.C. area in the Spring or Summer and then hopefully come to your farm for a tour (If ok with you).  I really would like to see your white thoroughbreds - what a blessing they must be - a true gift from God!  
I noticed on your website that Snow White Lady is not being considered for sale anymore. I have to tell you I'm very pleased to hear she gets to remain on your farm - I'm conviced she is a special filly as is her dam Our White Lady :-)
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!
Best regards,
Tampa, FL

November 13th, 2007
Foxy Blonde Lady

Hey Bridget,

Foxy is doing great, very sweet girl....I will get you pic of her soon, with the election over with now I can do a lot more...Foxy gets along with everyone, I can't say anything negative about her...She might be going to a trainer next month to get her ready to be shown this spring, just to get her used to different things.  I will be able to get some good shots of her then...



November 11th, 2007
Fine Gold Broker aka Barney saying good-bye to Fred at The Capital Classic Horse Show in Maryland when we dropped him off with his new owner, Dottie


I received the papers today-Barney is doing great-he and Chester are like book ends-I will try to send pictures.  He is such a wonderful young man-so soft and gentle.  I know you miss him but he is really loved here by all.  Hope all is well w/ you and your herd-if you come to FL  please try to come visit. 

Thank you again for sharing your lovely horses w/ me. 


November 5th, 2007
Congratulations on Revered King!


Hi -

Just wanted to say congrats on getting Revered King.  I actually saw her sire race a few times, including when he won the Guineas at Newmarket and when he broke down in the Derby.  He really was a fantastic racehorse.  I just recently bought a dual registered Jockey Club/APHA mare and am just waiting for her to get shipped up here.  I've always wanted a blingy mare and now I finally have one :)


November 4th, 2007
Revered King aka Candy

Hello there,

I just wanted to let you know that Candy looks BEAUTIFUL! I could kill myself for letting her go but at least she went to a great home! J I am dying to see her 2008 foal.

 Best of luck,

October 29th, 2007
Fact Not Rumors's Owner comes for a Visit from California


I enjoyed meeting you and meeting Facts in person. He looks great and appears to be enjoying his first year of life on your farm. The pictures did not appear to come out that good when I viewed them on Nelson's phone. I will ask him to email them to me.



October 18th, 2007
Gold Tycoon Won the PA Hunter Breeders Yearling Futurity for Colts and Geldings.  He was also overall Grand Champion Yearling of the Show!

Gold Tycoon by Zillionair out of Lizzie
Ty is being shown by his owner Bill

Photos by Hoof Print Images

I love my amazing Ty.  He is so perfect and endears himself to everyone...  most importantly the judges!  


October 13th, 2007
Billionair bred By Norsire Farm

 1998 Jockey Club Cremello Thoroughbred Stallion
 Schooling 2nd/3rd Level Dressage.
 2007 Champion Los Angeles Breeders Classic Thoroughbred Stallion in Hand Class!!!  He won is class with an impressive 71.3%!!!
Congratulations to his owner Georgia!!!!

Hey There! 

How are you doing?  I Hope you and all your beautiful horses are doing well as always.
I just wanted to up date you on Billionair, we are so proud of him, he has come so far.  He is doing great, he seems to love his day job and is really a gentleman at the shows.  Its amazing to have people come up to us and say how wonderful he looks compared to when he started last year.  I am so proud of him and cant wait for next year.
Thank you again for my wonderful MAN, Billionair. 
He truly is something special.

Take Care and Have a Great Holiday,  :)


October 4th, 2007

Darla by Issue Of Gold
Registered Breeding Stock Paint



Darla is out of my paint mare (by Scriber) that we bred to Issue 
of Gold in 2000.  Darla is a 2001 model, so she is 6 years old now.   I kept her for breeding and brought her to Wisconsin when I moved here.  She has lived turned out.  She is big, pretty, an  easy keeper and a lovely mover and she would make a nice hunter project  I would call her 15.3 without putting a stick on her.   


Side Note, This mare is for sale, for a very, very reasonable price.  Please call Bridget Perry @ 540-668-9095 for price and more details on this lovely mare.  NO e-mail!!!  You must pick up a phone and call for more info!  Thanks!

October 1st, 2007
The Breeding That You Do is Remarkable!

Phone Card By Gold Card


My name is Denise and I came by your web site because we had a wonderful horse come to my 4-H program about two years ago. I found the picture of her as a little filly and was so impressed. I thought you might like to see how she looks now. Phone Card aka Phoebe is wonderful and I have been working with her as a special project in Dressage.
I was sorry to read about her sire Gold Card and your recent lose. He seemed like a  wonderful stallion. It appears that Phoebe (Phone Card) has the same disposition and she is a wonderful mover.

I took her into the equine program and started working with her. Because she is a wonderful animal I brought her to my trainer who is helping me get her trained. She presently is working on some training level dressage. I will definitely keep you posted and when we start jumping her I will get you some pictures .Please feel free to post any pictures on your web site.

Your animals are beautiful and Phoebe is a love she is very happy and being well cared for. I will keep you posted on her progress. She looks a lot likes her Dad and I hope that she can carry on in good form. She moves wonderfully and is very strong in her hind end. You do a great job with your breeding.

I just lost one of my favorite horses here at Camp as well and I know how much it hurts. Please keep in touch I think your farm is wonderful and the breeding that you do is remarkable. The different colors that you are able to achieve in your breeding is very unique.


September 30th, 2007
Deepest Sympathy

I'm terribly sorry to read of the passing of Lizzie and send my deepest sympathy. The day before we had to put our 13.5 year lab down, broke our hearts like yours.
My prayers are with you.

September 17th, 2007
Your Lovely Mare Lizzie

Hi Bridget,
I've just been looking at your website and read that you lost your lovely mare Lizzie - I just wanted you to know how sorry I am - if you're anything like me it's a little like losing a family member, especially after having them for so long!
My thoughts are with you!
All the best,

September 14th, 2007
Lizzie's Passing

Oh Bridget, I just saw the notice on Lizzie.  I am so sorry.  What a tough year for you!  I know Lizzie has produced some phenomenal babies, and was so sweet and special.
Sending thoughts and prayers to you...


August 17th, 2007
Condolences on Gold Card

Hi Bridget~

I was tooling around your site this am, checking out the updated pics of all your beautiful babies, and I saw Smokey's page.  I am so so sorry.  I know he was extremely special to you.  Words can not express what that must have been like, and I am sure how it continues to be.  My deepest condolences to you and Fred.

Anyway, I hope all else is well.  

Talk soon,


August 12th, 2007
Gold Card Admire!


My condolences to you and your family on the loss of Gold Card. Only just finding out, I am deeply saddened by this great loss. I had admired Gold Card for a number of years, and canít help but think of him every time I go to the stable. The boy I have currently is a buckskin tobiano Dutch WB cross. In many ways I see him and Gold Card being kindred spirits. Maybe in time, weíll be able to train him to the same levels Gold Card competed at. Again, my sympathies and prayers are with you all.


August 3rd, 2007
Your Horses are gorgeous!

I just had to e-mail and tell you I think your site is very nice.  Your horses are gorgeous!  I raise quarter horses and don't know a lot about thoroughbreds but yours are beautiful, especially the palomino baby with the three white stockings that you had on equine.com named Facts Not Rumors!  It's obvious how much time you spend on your site and your horses.

Hats off to you!
Seneca Falls, NY

July 23rd, 2007
Zillionair's Frozen Semen, Suerte a 21 year old mare infoal to Zillionair!


Suerte (Trakehner)

Hi Bridget,

Thank you for letting me take part in your frozen semen testing.  I am thrilled to report that Delimian (Diamont/Prinz Gaylord) is safely in foal to Zillionair with one dose of frozen.  My Vet was so impressed with the quality of the semen.  So impressed in fact I decided to purchase a breeding for my wonderful 21 year old trakhener mare Suerte.  Suerte has also been confirmed in foal. 

I can not thank you enough.  I am very excited for next years foal crop.


July 18th, 2007
Annie's Gold Charm Wins At Upperville Colt & Horse Show in VA on June 10th, 2007! 
By Zillionair out of Cassie's Gold by Strike The Gold

Dear Bridget,

Annie's Gold Charm is wonderful.  She is such a fabulous filly and a pleasure to handle.  She has settled in nicely and has quickly become a farm favorite. 

I was so proud of her for winning her class at Upperville and look forward to showing her on the line in 2008.

Thanks again,


Annie's Gold Charm


Photo credit: Bridget Perry


Photo Credits: Laura Cotterman
Glenhill Farm is proud to welcome Annie's Gold Charm to the family.She is a 2007 thoroughbred filly who has already made her debut in the hunter breeding ring.   She won her weanling class at Upperville.  She will begin showing on the west coast in 2008.  Thank you to Norsire Farm for allowing us to purchase this special filly.


July 18th, 2007
UK's "Horse & Hound" Magazine

Hi Brigit:

Not sure if you had seen this item in the UK's "Horse and Hound" magazine, so thought I would forward it to you. It can be seen on-line at

Best regards,

Jos Mottershead
For equine reproduction information and
CE credit short course details visit:
FoxCanter2.jpg (34806 bytes)
UKís first palomino Thoroughbred colt

Di Cross, freelance writer

3 June, 2007

The first palomino full Thoroughbred colt has arrived on British shores from America

Destined to add a bit of colour to the breed books, the first full Thoroughbred palomino colt has arrived in the UK. Imported from the US by Goshka Sport Horses, The Gold Fox will be available to a limited number of mares from next year.

"The Gold Fox will be of interest to Thoroughbred, Anglo Arab and warmblood breeders wishing to add further refinement to their breeding programmes," said Kate Hornby of Goshka. "He's a big yearling, already 15.3hh, and he looks magnificent. He is attracting a lot of attention."

Bred at Norsire Farm in Virginia, The Gold Fox is by Pure White Gold out of Tassolette, by Taso. Previously registered with the US Jockey Club, he is now recorded at Weatherbys.

As a stallion, The Gold Fox will alternate between Goshka's studs in Wales and France.

This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (1 June, '07)

July 16th, 2007
Snow White Lady's Photos


Hello from Tampa, FL -

I was so excited to see Snow White Ladyís pictures you posted on your website this weekend and want to tell you both how beautiful she is (although Iím sure you think the same)! She looks like a gem!  I wish for her the best home imaginable as she is
truly special!!!

Warm wishes,


July 11th, 2007
Cool Link to Norsire Farm Bred Horses



July 11th, 2007
Did you see this?

Hey Bridget,
Did you see this? 


Congrats! Looks like a nice colt!

Amy Hunt

July 9th, 2007
Couldn't be happier with my Zillionair colt!

Hi Bridget...

We had another race trainer out at the farm there to look at a Kafwain 2yo filly (his sale averages have been 108k for his 2yo fillies) and do you know who the Lexington Trainer called me to buy?! My 2007 Zillionair colt!  I was out of town and got a call from him while he was there looking.. his first words were "who is this palomino colt by, and how much for him!" ha.. I told him it was a registered TB and he of course would not believe me. So then I had to tell him all about Zilly a Round Table descendant and all about Happy and her nice race record and he was thrilled... he said it is the most perfect and handsome colt he has seen and just went on for about 5 minutes about how the colt had such presence about him and was just as handsome and correct as could be. He told me I needed to for sure race him if I was not going to sell him, and he agreed that I should leave him a colt. He really thought he was something special.. so that made my day.  I was thinking all those things but worried I had my mommy goggles on. :o)

Couldn't be happier with him!



June 28th, 2007
Bridget, here are the pictures of your beautiful horses.


Hi Bridget,

Not too long ago, we met on the side of the road while I was taking pictures of your horses.  As promised, and certainly not in a timely manner, the pictures will come from a different email address.

Unfortunately, in my haste, you will see some are blurry.  In my excitement, I didn't adjust the camera for the correct focus.  In any case, here they are.  If you want the originals, I can certainly drop them off.

Your horses are truly beautiful, and it was my pleasure to take the pictures.  I love horses, and I hope I wasn't violating any protocol in taking their pictures.  I'm an amateur photographer, and these pictures are for my pleasure only and not for sale.  Please feel free to use any of them, of course, credit for the photo would be appreciated. 

If you'd like more pictures, I'd be thrilled to come out and take some more. 

Thanks again, hope the market is treating you well.

Karen Davis

June 28th, 2007
Tickled Pink with my foals by Zillionair...

Hi Bridget,

My yearling filly by Zilly out of Full of Happiness is doing wonderful. I just had a race trainer out yesterday to look at her for the prospect or racing and he was impressed. (after getting over the fact that YES indeed she is a real live registered TB that is yellow and white and not a lead pony) He said she was very correct, had a nice athletic walk and he would accept her into his training program. He asked about the stallion and I told him he was a VA show horse! ha.. I was worried he would think I was nuts.. but to my surprise he said that it really doesn't matter in the stallions under 10k range you just base your opinion on the individual you have, as all those stallions are unproven to put out race stock for sure.   Based on her looks at this time he said she should suit at some level and would not shy at putting her into training. He has prepped some of racings top horses for trainers like Bill Mott and Frankie Brothers.. legging up thier 2yo's, and running some ... so I trust he knows what he was looking at. She will be housed in a training center here in KY next to Carl Nafzgers stables. (Ky Derby Fame) So she will have lots of eyes on her! how could they miss!:o)

So for now our program with her will be race prep until she proves otherwise.  Then would come plan B as a show horse or broodmare.

If it was possible her full younger brother (which of course your predicted I would get my colt this time) is even a notch better.  He just has that sparkle to him that says I'm something special. He is leggy, inquisitive and as handsome as can be. Extremely well balanced like the filly and just seems prematurely mature. He is the biggest on the farm.   I resticked the mare and she is 16hands.. but her foals are looking to be more in the 16.1 and better range at maturity. Right now the colt will not be for sale. He is looking to be the exact dark gold with white mane and tail I wanted and all the chrome.. so I may coddle him along to be my show horse for eventing.

Tickled pink with my foals by Zillionair.. Sure do wish he was still on the market for outside mares. But at least I have the 2!


June 27th, 2007
Good Morning Norsire Farm

I wait with great anticipation for you to post the pictures of Snow White Lady!  I canít explain it but I feel a tremendous connection with this filly and I havenít even seen her. I do wish I had the means to purchase her, but sadly I donít see how that could happen at this time in my life.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavors of raising and breeding horses  especially the most beautiful ones!

Tampa, FL

June 26th, 2007
WOW!!!  Solid Gold Coin's New Photos!

Oh, Bridget, he looks wonderful!!!   Oh, now I really do want to cry!!!

In fact, all of them are just such top quality - I don't think I've ever come across a herd that all look like peas in a pod like yours do - incredible!  All I can say is 'you must be doing something right'!!

And tell Fred to stop cuddling all those babies - he'll have them all like soft teddy bears (awww!  Cute!).

Keep in touch, and thanks for the link to the photo's,

Jane ; )

June 8th, 2007
The Gold Fox making Head Lines in England!

Hi Bridget,

Horse and Hound ran the article in last week's edition on The Gold Fox. There is an onlinecopy available at :

We have also added a short video clip of him to his page on our site. It's only
a 40x20m arena so not really big enough to show off his paces properly but it
does show how beautiful he is!!

Yes we'll buy a dilute mare for him, may be next year though as we have to spend
a lot on our property in France this year.

Best regards,
PS Wish Fred all the best from us, we're sure he'll do you proud!


June 2nd, 2007
Zillionair's Offspring at Devon Horse Show

Hi Bridget,

I was looking at the Devon results and saw that Gold Tycoon and Ebony Gold Iris did Zillionair and your breeding program proud :-)  Congratulations!   I bet you are thrilled!

I'd love to see pictures of them at the show, if you get any.

Take care,

June 1st, 2007
Trillionair's First Foal Arrived

Hi Bridget,

Thought you would like to know that Snowy's (Trillionair's) first foal arrived last night. It's out of our best producing mare, a palomino Canadian WB mare by the Hanoverian stallion Wodan II. We got a huge and correct CREMELLO colt, with 4 white socks and a star!!! We are very happy with him. Would have been nicer to have the same thing in a filly but maybe next year....

Snowy is doing great by the way. Will get broken after breeding season and hopefully start showing. A few more babies yet to come this year.



June 1st, 2007
Greetings from the Sunshine State-

Congratulations on Snow White Lady!  In November í06 I ran across your website in search of a pure white thoroughbred horse and found Our White Lady. She is magnificent and I am so glad to see she delivered her filly (and of all days, on my 10th wedding anniversary!). The delivery date is very ironic (to me) as my husband and I almost made a trip to VA to visit your farm over our anniversary weekend, but we didnít plan it out.  I now know we most definitely will make a trip up sometime.  I used to ride hunters when I was in my teens and would love to get back to it.

Congratulations again to you both! I can tell from your website you truly love what you do and are living your dream.

Yours truly,
, FL


May 20th, 2007
Example of one of our foals in training
Foxy is 5 days old & was purchased by Crystal in VA
Foxy Blonde Lady by Pure White Gold out of Tassolette

fredfoalwalk5A.JPG (42270 bytes)

fredfoalwalk2a.JPG (39376 bytes)


Hi Friends and Clients,

Fred and I wanted to show you some of the training that goes into a foal purchased from Norsire Farm.  This is Foxy Blonde Lady at 5 days old leading like a pro!!!  Fred and I are very proud of ALL of our foals and wanted to share an example of our hard work.  Fred and I both love working with the babies from the moment they are born.  We want our foals to be well adjusted when they arrive at their new homes and have the basics of everyday handling of horses in general.

Warm wishes to all,
Fred & Bridget
Norsire Farm

May 15th, 2007
Solid Gold Coin
From Jane in England

Hi Bridget,

And talk about timing - the DVD came today - it had been put into my neighbours mailbox by mistake, and she has been away on holiday for the past 2 weeks!!!  So the mystery is solved!

I just wanted you to know that I have seen the video, and Coin is absolutely everything you have described and more - he would have been exactly what I wanted and was looking for, and in fact he actually moves MUCH better than I had ever hoped for.  He is wonderful and a great credit to you and your breeding programme - I am now even more upset about this awful situation as I can see what should/could have been mine and it breaks my heart!!  I think Karen Dixon would most certainly have approved of him for top level eventing and I don't doubt his ability to do pure dressage to a very high level - he really does seem to have the most incredible temperament, especially for a colt.

Bridget, when all of this is over here at home and life is settled again, I will most definitely be back in touch with you - you have described Coin so perfectly and I want to thank you again for all of your time, patience and honesty, and even though I'm now no longer in the position to go ahead with him  myself, I will make sure that I recommend you to all of my friends that may be looking for potential top class sport horses - regardless of colour!!

Please feel free to hand out my telephone number/email address to anyone who would like a reference or an opinion regarding your horses - I would be delighted to recommend you!

All best wishes, and please give Coin a big hug from me!!


May 2nd, 2007
A Quick Note From England
The Gold Fox by Pure White Gold
out of Tassolette

FoxCanter2.jpg (34806 bytes)


Dear Bridget,

A quick note with picture attached of The Gold Fox playing in his paddock. He has settled in with us beautifully and is very much a part of the family already.  He still has the same easy manner which I loved as a foal when I first saw him at your farm and really is a pleasure to hang out with generally. 

Haven't measured him since he arrived but he is big - would guess at approx. 15.2 hands but he may well be bigger...we're in denial! 16.3 or 17 hands at maturity will be quite sufficient thank-you we keep telling him!! His full sibling from this year looks fab, is she crossing the pond too?

We are in the midst of our stud season here (as I'm sure you are too) and Fox is already attracting a lot of interest from our customers for next year. He is looking really well and people seem genuinely amazed when told he is only a yearling!

Finally, a big thank you for making me so welcome when I visited you last Autumn. It was such a treat to meet Fox and all his extended family in person.  Your stud facilities are inspirational and it was a delight to see so many contented horses.

Best regards,

April 23rd, 2007
Gold Tycoon Best Young Horse Champion
by Zillionair out of Lizzie

tyhead.jpg (31918 bytes)


Tymoshow12.jpg (79266 bytes)


Hi Bridget~

Well your boy has done you proud! Gold Tycoon made his debut at the Mileview Breeding Show today, Sunday April 22nd, 2007.  All I can say is WOW!  Ty won the Yearling TB class udner both judges.  He was also Best Young Horse Champion under Judge #1 and was Best Young Horse Reserve Champion under Judge #2.   He was the talk of the show!  He is absolutely perfect in my eyes, and it seems that others shared this opinion as well.  He loved the camera and all the attention!    

Many Thanks!

April 23rd, 2007
Zillionair Offspring Are Winning!

Congratulations!  I am so happy for you!  You deserve this, and more.  As I told you before, you are, as far as I am concerned, the TOP COLOR BREEDER when it comes to correct quality horses!  Now everyone else will have to acknowledge that you are, whether they like it or not.  For all of us who have bought your quality babies, it is a feather in your cap but it also validates our decision to invest in top-quality blood for the future.  You go girl! 



April 18th, 2007
Gorgeous Palomino Colt By Zillionair

fullof2007b1.jpg (33088 bytes)

Hey Bridget,

She had a colt! you are so smart.. nailed that one didn't you! He was born last night a good size boy up and nursing just fine.

He's pretty cute.. his ears are always forward and happy... he seems very friendly.. his face is a touch more dishy than the filly's, which is his full sister by Zillionair.  I love his slender blaze... and he has 2 back whites they are only 1/2 up the cannon in the rear.. and a front ankle for sure. he is pretty leggy, seems very smart.  I love his overall balance and shape and that is rare for me.. I really don't like many foals... and am pretty picky overall with horses in general... few that I think are keepers.. but he may be one.

I like him well enough at this time I plan to keep him and race him, then after his race career event him.  I will leave him a stud as long as I can.. if he mentally can not handle that or shows to not be good enough quality then I will cut him. 


April 8th, 2007
Our Whtie Lady AUS TB Mare


I am into thoroughbreds here in Australia as a breeder and racehorse owner and came across Our White Lady AUS your mare's info on your site.

I did a pedigree analysis on her and was surprised to learn that she is from the same extended family as Galilee, a very very famous stayer in Australia, winning the Caulfield, Melbourne, Sydney Cups in the one racing season, the Caulfield Cup is 2500mtrs and the Melbourne and Sydney Cups are 3200mtrs

Ray Nicholson


April 5th, 2007
Porcelain out of Golden China Doll By Gold Card
Porcelain.jpg (106878 bytes)

I recently purchased a 2004 filly called Porcelain, out of Golden
China Doll (Gold Card/Elvir). While searching for information on
Porcelain's sire, I found your question about Porcelain in the Houston
Chronicle forum when she was offered at the Sport Horse auction in
Katy, TX last November. I was thrilled to get confirmation of
Porcelain's pedigree as her dam is not listed as being one of Gold
Card's offspring on your website.

I attended that auction, but was not able to bid. However, through
fortuitous circumstances, I was able to purchase her 2 weeks later!

If you are interested in making contact with me, I would be happy to
share information with you about Porcelain and send you photos so you
can see how beautiful she is and how much like her grandsire she looks
in conformation, to me at least.

Linda Heagney
Katy, Texas

April 2nd, 2007
Aussie White Gold
by Issue Of Gold out of Our White Lady (AUS)
His form over fences is that of a Hunter Champion!

Aussiejump11.jpg (33819 bytes)

Dear Bridget,

I wanted to send you this spectacular picture of Aussie from his first show,ever, in Temperance Michigan.  He was only 5 at the time, and took a blue ribbon in his very first class,  over fences, in a class of 25 .(Later that day, he added 3 thirds to his tally.)  Not bad for a baby at his first show---eh???

Meg Howard of Fox Meadow Farm is the trainer who is riding him, and as you can see, she was able to showcase his natural abilities, beautifully. His lead changes have always been effortless, for him, ....and many people have commented on what a beautiful mover he is.  Aussie is smart, light,responsive....and lives to please.

A later trainer referred to him as her  "overachiever". Aussie thinks jumping is great fun...and is a joy to be around.

Sometimes when I see pictures of babies you have bred, who are related to him---I see that "look"  in their eyes....and I know in my heart that their new owners are in for a big treat!  I can't wait to hear the testimonials on all of them-----but am especially waiting for big news on "Solid Gold Coin"!  Thanks again, for my very special boy!

Sincerely yours,
Wendy Johnson

March 25th, 2007
Greetings From Snowy Finland


I'm 16-year old girl from Finland. I visited your lovely website and
completely fell in love to your amazingly beautiful horses.

Greetings from snowy Finland,


March 15th, 2007
The Gold Fox has safely arrived at his new home!

Hi Bridget,

Fox is doing great and has been an instant hit with us and all who have met him. He has a lovely gentle disposition and is zero trouble at all. He's really smashing and we are thrilled with him!

I will pass your message on to the boy as requested and yes we are really quite smitten with him :-)))



PS We're planning to write an article for the UK Horse and Hound magazine about The Gold Fox and explain his origins etc as he is the first diluted XX in the UK.

*Special note he is the second horse from the left in the background of this page.*

March 13th, 2007
Congratulations on your new 2007 foals!

Congratulations on the 2 new gorgeous foals for 2007!  You have to be proud.  I have heard of so many people wanting Zilly breedings now that he is off the market! You should sell out again this year!

All the best


March 5th, 2007
"Norsire Farm horses featured as a two-page spread in racing's biggest publication, The Blood-Horse."
BloodHorsePictorial.jpg (237733 bytes)


Hi Bridget,

I just wanted to thank you again for allowing me the honor of visiting your farm and photographing your beautiful horses.  Your horses are truly magic, and the care you put both into them and your farm shines through. 

The racing magazine, The Blood-Horse, just ran a short pictorial on colored Thoroughbreds and, thanks to you, it included a two-page spread of your colorful Thoroughbreds galloping.   I shall always remember the beauty of that day.

I look forward to seeing all of your 2007 arrivals as their photos appear on your website.   You do a great job with your site, too!  It's always fun to visit it.

Take good care,
Barbara Livingston

February 27th, 2007
Update On Misplaced Gold
By Issue Of Gold out of Queen Debonair
misplacedgoldjumping2.jpg (146809 bytes)

Hi Bridget,

I was just looking at your website and thought I'd give you an update on Misplaced Gold aka Rani.  I attached a picture of her at her first 3-phase schooling show last October.  She did tadpole and jumped her 2ft stadium and xcountry rounds clean.   She was so calm and quiet the whole time.  She has been one of the easiest horses to be around and I just absolutely adore her.  She will be 4 years old in March 2007 and I can't believe how fast time has gone by.  I just love her to death and she will definitely be in my family forever. 

Take care...looking forward to all the new babies!


February 19th, 2007
Hello From A Fan

Hey my name is Meghan Young and I've followed your site for several years. When I was younger, I used to surf the internet just to look at some of the most beautiful horses in the world. Tonight I was sitting with my puppy and I remembered your site and decided to check it out (It's been a couple of years). I didn't even recognize Ebony Gold Orchid, she was my favorate foal of that year, I would absolutely kill to have her. I just wanted to let you know that I admire your property (pastures, barns, etc) and your horses, they are gorgeous.


December 21st, 2006
Hiden Gold Mystery and Posey

Hi Bridget,
Posey is doing great and everyone just loves her.
Just thought I'd let you know.  We found 2 awesome thoroughbreds.  My girlfriend, mother of the girl that got Posey, is a quarter horse person and never thought she would own a thoroughbred either.  How things change.

I ponied Mystery yesterday and she was a doll.  We just love her to death.


December 18th, 2006
Girl's Christmas Wish Come True

Hi Bridget,
Just wanted to let you know that Bill, you and I made a little girls Christmas wish come true. 
Posey is now in Bellefonte. She is lovely.  Thanks again for your email.

I saw Gold Tycoon.  He's beautiful.  I'll have to get a gallery of pictures together of Mystery for you.

Take care, and Merry Christmas.


Thank you very much for giving me posey. I am 13 and I really don't have a lot of money to buy an expensive horse like Posey. This was a once in a lifetime chance for me. Thank you very much.

I got an e-mail about her from Cathy Nardozzo. She heard about her from Bridget of Norsire farm. My mother looked at the e-mail first and told Cathy that she didn't want the foal because we can't afford another board. I got the e-mail and I thought she was just adoreable! My mom said if I came up with the money I could ask about her. I made some phone calls and I have a babysitting job ( I'm looking for another job too ). I arranged to board her where my pony is boarded. I called Cathy and she said she thought someone was looking at her. I was so dissapointed but she said she would check. I did e-mail you the other day about Posey. Cathy called Bridget and she said no one had gotten her yet. I couldn't believe it when Cathy told me that you were giving her to me. She will get the best care.

I am going to show Posey production in 4-H next year.  I just want you to know how grateful I am to have such a nice horse. Thank you. If you want I will keep you updated on how she is doing!

Ashley Gates

November 29th, 2006
Gold Halo by Zillionair out of Sunny's Colors
goldhalo2.jpg (13668 bytes)

Dear Bridgett,

I am extremely embarrassed these have been floating around in the internet ethers for so long, but glad the system is finally working.  The fillies we purchased from you last year are all in great shape, we put the horses before people here, as you know.  I am still battling to finish the finance project here, and still hope to be able to do some more horse business with you.  Have a good night.

Best Wishes,

November 27th, 2006
True Buckskin Halo by Zillionair

faithzillyfilly2.jpg (16381 bytes)
First Buckskin Thoroughbred Offered
At Public Auction

Zuni, VA, November 27, 2006 - P P Farm LLC is excited to announce that it has consigned the first genetically certified buckskin-colored Thoroughbred to public auction at the 2006 Fasig-Tipton Midlantic Winter Mixed Sale, to be held Dec. 3-4, in Timonium, MD.  
"You rarely see a buckskin colored filly for sale at all because breeders have always considered them a priceless part of their breeding program, "says Lisa C, owner of P P Farm and breeder of True Buckskin Halo. Out of the hundreds of thousands of registered Thoroughbreds in North America, only a few dozen are known to be buckskin in color.

True Buckskin Halo has been genetically proven as buckskin through DNA analysis testing performed at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory of the University of California at Davis. (More information available at www.vgl.ucdavis.edu)
True Buckskin Halo is sired by Zillionair, a cremello colored Thoroughbred that is a "double dilute" for the crŤme gene. This gene gives True Buckskin Halo her color as it dilutes her base color of bay to golden, while retaining the black mane, tail, and legs that are trademarks of the bay color
 The Jockey Club, the pedigree registry for the Thoroughbred, does not officially recognize "buckskin" as a color. As a result, True Buckskin Halo is currently registered as a bay. Lisa C, however, remains hopeful that the color will soon be recognized. "Other rare colors such as white and palomino have recently gained recognition and we believe the Jockey Club will do the same for buckskin,"Lisa C stated.
True Buckskin Halo is out of Messenger of Light, who is by the legendary racing sire Halo. True Buckskin Halo has a full brother, Debonair Envoy, also buckskin in color, who was sold privately, and a two-year-old half sister by Waquoit that just made her first start at Charles Town Race Course.

True Buckskin Halo will be presented at auction through the well-known sales agent   in Warwick, Maryland.

The Fasig-Tipton Midlantic Winter Mixed Sale will take place at the Maryland State Fair Grounds in Timonium, MD on December 3 and 4, 2006.

November 26th, 2006
Zilly 2007


 I am so grateful to have met you.  You are a true horseperson in every sense of the word.  Your tireless effort and attention to detail is amazing.  You are on top of your game, and I can't wait to see the babies in 2007!   If any of your mares ( it doesn't matter which one cause' they're all awesome ) pop out a boy, I want the first phone call.   That means you need to be dialing that phone before you do anything!  Thanks for taking such good care of "Ty"!  I can't wait for all of us to be showing next year! 

Yours truly,

November 26th, 2006
Zilly 2007

Hi Bridget...
not sure I will breed to an outside stud in 2007...still know I should buy foals not breed..but how much is he for 2007? that filly of mine is so nice.. big and pretty mover.. very correct and wonderful neck and shoulder.. she keeps getting fanicer and fancier.

November 14th, 2006
I Love Your Horses and Your Web Page

Dear Norsire Farm,
I am writing to tell you that I love your horses and your web
page, and have viewed this page faithfully for two years.
                                        Keep up the great work!!!

November 11th, 2006
John Wayne's Gold out of Lizzie

Hi Bridget, 

I still go to your website from time to time and dream!

I will try to send on a picture of Johnny.  My laptop has nothing in it that I can forward now, but I'll see what I can dig up on my husband's computer.

Johnny is retired, but very happy.  He and my older boy have seven acres, private quarters and of course, maid service.  He has the best temperament of any horse on the planet!  And he's BIG.  A big-boned 16.2 - the shire came through on him!

Take care,

November 6th, 2006
okay..so how tall did you say Zilly is?!!!

Hey Bridget...

okay.. so how tall did you say Zilly is?!!! My filly has grown and grown.. she is the tallest in the field of the 12 and most of those were out of really big mares born in February! She was born in April I think it was... and her mother is only 15.3 hands.

she may be a really big girl it appears.

a local and international polo player combination race trainer was out and he could not believe she was a pure TB.. he was there when I was not out there.. he called me... said what is up wiht that big palomino weanling.. it looks like a TB, what is it?! I told him and he about fell over.. I have not told many around about her yet.. took him 3 minutes of talk to get him to believe me... ha... never thought about promoting colored TB's in the polo market....  They just adore TB fillies but prefer them small.

I'm having naming troubles... any ideas... full of Happiness the dam. Zillionaire the sire.


November 4th, 2006
Thanks For Your Hospitality Today

Hi Bridget:

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for your hospitality today.  All the babies looked amazing.  Of course I am most crazy about Ty and Iris.  What a cute pair they make.  It would be a blast for Bill and I to do them together.   We are currently doing that with our Zarr siblings Bucky and Bunny.  We won our get of sire class at Upperville this year.

Bill e-mailed the pictures.  They were awesome.  Thanks for the updated buzz photo.

Hope all is well.  Enjoyed our visit.  Looking foward to hearing from you.


October 13th, 2006
Just A Quick Note

Hi Bridget,
Just wanted to let you know that Mystery is doing very well.  She understands electric fence and hasn't had any trouble.  She is such a doll baby.  We just love her.
I'll have to get some new pictures and send them.  Her mane is very light now.   It's amazing how quickly it changed.  When I put her out in the morning after she eats, she just stands there and wants to be petted.  Jaharah, her new best friend, will be walking off and she'll stick around for her morning lovin.

Take care,

September 28th, 2006
Hiden Gold Mystery, A Dream Come True...

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would own a Thoroughbred.  I placed the call to Bridget and she persuaded me to come and just look.  It never hurts to look.  So the next day, my daughter, husband and I packed up and drove to Virginia.  When we arrived, Bridget had Mystery ready for us to see.  At first I was a little leary.  She was acting up a bit.  I asked Bridget about her being hot and she told me it was only the 2nd time she had taken her away from her herd.  I couldn't believe that the only thing she did was shake her head a little, and with the slightest correction, was behaving remarkable well.

After a total of 1/2 hour, we decided to buy Hiden Gold Mystery.  She is absolutely beautiful and if you never take a chance at something, you loose out on life.  So we took that chance. 
We drove down the next week to pick her up.  She had only been on a ramp load trailer once.  We had a step up.  She was kindly pushed onto the step up with very little resistance, and never had any kind of reaction whatsoever.  Any other horse I ever dealt with would have been traumatized.  She rode home with only 1 whinny about 1/2 hour away from her friends and was very stable in the trailer.  Never kicked, or wrestled around at all.

When we returned home, all of my horses were running around like banshees, and Mystery quietly walked off the trailer and to the barn.  When she is not sure of something, she stands and looks.  Never have I seen her react in any crazy way whatsoever.   She literally thinks about things.  Taking things slowly and letting her figure them out, is the best approach, for her and all horses.
I can't say enough about this filly.  She is absolutely wonderful, loving, sensible and beautiful in so many ways.  She will be a huge part of our lives for a very long time.
Again, I am so glad I bought this little Thoroughbred.  I told my daughter never say never.  I did, and look what came of it.

Cathy Nardozzo

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