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Bridget Perry & Pure White Gold
aka Snowman

We are very proud to share some correspondence received from our customers, clients, and visitors.  We can provide contact information for the people listed below upon request.   We here at Norsire feel that "word of mouth" is the best form of advertisement. Our success can be attributed to the quality horses we produce, and people like the individuals below, that believe in our breeding program.   This makes it all worthwhile.....

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August 17th, 2004
Visit & Update on my mare infoal to Zillionair

Hi Bridget,
Thank you so much for taking the time to show me all the new babies at your farm, 2 weeks ago! They are all so wonderful, friendly, correct, etc.
I wanted to give you an update on Messenger of Light aka "Leia", who is in foal to Zillionair. I have just sold the baby, in-utero, to a lady in Washington. So, after the baby is weaned (foal is due May 1, 2005), it will be heading across the country. The lady who bought the baby is very excited and is looking forward to competing with it, when it is old enough. It will probably be a hunter/jumper prospect.
I am looking forward to sending Leia back to Zillionair in 2005! And sending a second mare, Mayo Lane, for a palomino!
Thanks again for being such a pleasure to do business with!


August 9th, 2004
Bright Gold Flames, everything and more than we could have asked for

Thanks Bridget,
We had a great time at your farm. Robert and I wanted to thank you for your hospitality. We couldn't be more pleased with our new addition, Bright Gold Flames. He is everything and more than we could have asked for. He seems to be settling right in. We will keep you posted. We will be back to see you next year. Thanks again for everything.

Tish Russell

July 28th, 2004
Thank You!

Hey Bridget,
Love the new pics of Sunny! What a beautiful mare she is.
Thanks again for being such a great hostess when we visited. I can't get over how nice all your beautiful babies and mamas and daddies even are! Hopefully I'll get to see you again before Sophie comes to visit Zillionair in a year...
Get those pics of Sparkles up, I want to ogle her some more. If only I had money to spare, you know who would be mine!


July 21st, 2004
Norsire Farm Visit

Thank you for the wonderful visit! It was beyond my expectations!
Gold Card is truly amazing
gentle, sweet, and beautiful... and to watch him move
I couldn't get enough! (As I am sure you could tell by the eager jump everytime you asked if I wanted to handgraze him!)... I missed Daffodil, Sparkles and Zy's sweet attention already. I was expecting to be wow'd by Daffodil (from your current pictures)... but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how beautiful and sweet Sparkles is turning out. And Zy, so attentive... and flawless! I truly could not pick a favorite... even all those babies I do not mention were truly gems!
but I can't name them all, can I???
Your horses and farm are truly beautiful! I hope Zilly and Smokey (Gold Card) will have future dates with a few girls once our yearlings reach breeding age ;)


July 17th, 2004
Job Well Done!

She's still pregnant at 37 days with  Zillionair's baby.  Keeping my fingers crossed for a buckskin filly! All this with only a week away and one cover... on a maiden mare!


June 24th, 2004
Maiden Mare Infoal with One Cover!

She's in foal! One cover and less than a week at the farm! Nice work.


June 10th, 2004
Mare Care at Norsire Farm

My mare, Messenger of Light aka "Leia", spent 5 weeks at Norsire Farm, along with her young filly. Leia returned to me in excellent condition! She was nice and plump, her mane had been pulled, she was groomed, had dapples on her coat, etc! I have boarded mares at other farms and I have never had one return to me in this great of condition! I am very happy with the quality of care she received. Bridget kept me informed via email or phone calls and I never worried about my mare and foal while they were in her care. And now, I am very happy to report that Leia is in foal to Zillionair for a May 1, 2005 foal!
Thanks Bridget, I may be sending 2 mares (Leia for a return visit and my chestnut TB mare, Mayo Lane) next year!


May 19th, 2004
Misplaced Gold!

Hi Bridget,
I just wanted to update you on my gorgeous chestnut filly Misplaced Gold...we call her Rani which is Indian for Queen. She definitly is a queen! After our little scare, Rani has picked up and is looking absolutely amazing. She's still got those long legs but is finally growing into them. She celebrated her 1 yr b-day 2 months ago and is starting walk-whoas in the roundpen every few weeks. She is an absolute doll...so easy to handle and such a sweetheart. I couldn't have asked for a better baby.

Thanks! Lauren

March 30th, 2004
Well Bred Colorful Horses

We enjoyed the visit to your lovely farm and your hospitality very much. Your golden babies are georgeous! I know they will go to special homes and make someone very happy indeed.  I wish you all the best with your horses.

Thanks so much, Louise Mentzer

February 25th, 2004
Gold Card Son!

I am the recent new owner of a horse who I am told is a 6yo son of "Gold Card". He is out of a AQHA mare (located in Illinois) who was not an approved mare and therefor was never registered. He is a super cute fella and is going make me a terrific hunter and my husband a wonderful trail horse . . .his name is Paycheque!!


January 20th, 2004
Visit to Norsire Farm to Check Out Stallions for 2005

On Monday, Jan. 19, 2004, my husband and I visited Norsire Farm. It was freezing cold, but we had a wonderful time! Bridget was very cheerful and a pleasure to talk to. First she showed us Pure White Gold and the gelding. Pure White Gold was very sweet and friendly and looks like he is going to be a big boy when he finishes growing!
Then we went to see Zillionair, my main reason for the visit, as I wanted to look at him for a possible mate for my Halo mare. We went into his paddock and spent quite some time petting on him and standing with him in his run-in shed. He was fascinated by my coat (the hood has fake fur and he thought it was neat LOL). He kept nuzzling me and just loved to be touched. He also is quite a nice size and his legs are so straight! I couldn't fault his conformation, but most of all that temperment of his is to die for! Temperment is extremely important to me in my breeding program. Zillionair has the cutest head with a very kind expression. I can't say enough good things about this nice young stallion. He is even a bit calmer than my own gelding! It was hard to believe he was a breeding stallion, as calm as he was.
We also saw Issue of Gold, who was also a total sweetheart. I didn't go in with him, because by this point we all were freezing! But, I was also impressed with him.
We also saw all of Bridget's mares, including the dams of Issue of Gold and Zillionair. All of these mares were very friendly, especially Our White Lady!
I wish it hadn't been so cold, as I could have spent a lot more time outside with these wonderful horses! I hope to return when it is warmer and do just that!
And, we will be sending our Halo mare to Zillionair this year to be bred for our first colored TB foal! We are very excited about this and look forward to doing business with Bridget!


January 18th, 2004
Aussie Update!

Dear Bridget and Fred,
Aussie arrived safely in Texas on January 12th. He has the GREATEST PERSONALITY, if I do say so, myself. Being in a hunter/jumper barn with about 40 brown horses.....I have caught a lot of flack about "that yeller feller!" All in good fun, though,...hey what are barn friends for??? Anyway, we gave him the best view the barn has to offer, which has been great, because he always has his head out the window! People constantly comment on his kind and calm disposition. Today, while I was at the tack shop, I ran into a barnmate, who said that his black lab "Max" had greeted Aussie with a lick on the nose, and that Aussie just stood there. That is kind of how he strikes me
-basically unconcerned with what is going on
-just more curious. That has been so nice, as in situations that you would expect him to spook, he really wants to just go take a look and see what all the fuss is. No games, no drama, just a busy mind who likes to work! Quite unusual for a 4 yr old thoroughbred! Anyway, let me apologize right now to the people I beat in purchasing Aussie. ANYONE would have loved him. I'm just so grateful that he is mine! Anyway, thanks again Bridget and Fred....I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE my new boy. Got to run
I'm sure he is waiting for Mom to come with his daily hugs and kisses!!! And a few apple slices
-don't worry Bridget...NO seeds! :-)

Wendy Johnson

January 3rd, 2004
Aussie White Gold

Dear Bridget and Fred,
Thank you for entrustiong me with the care of "your boy" AUSSIE WHITE GOLD. I am so proud to be his new owner, and very excited about what our future holds.
For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of visiting Norsire Farm, let me say that you are missing a truly unique experience.
It is unfortunate that the words "horse-trader" and "integrity" do not often appear in the same sentence,
in this day and age. Well, you can relax at Bridget's.
Bridget doesn't have to "sell" you her horses, they sell themselves.What Bridget does, is share, with you, her 30 acres of rolling property,lovely dark brown board fencing,
creek, immaculate 10-stall barn, and 360 degree mountain view. Living in Texas, I was immediately in awe of all the TREES! Then there are her unique animals. The all-white thoroughbred mare imported from Australia, the buckskin pinto stallion, the all-white colt, cremellos, palominos, etc.,etc.
You'll be impressed by how gentle and loving all her animals are. Bridget gives Parelli training to all of her babies, so that they are relaxed and comfortable in environemnts that would spook most other horses.
You'll also get a kick out of the fact that she has an all-white cat that she and Fred rescued, with one blue eye and one green eye.
Then there is Nikko- the German Shepherd. An absolutely stellar guy, you will crack up when he carries buckets and the Parelli training "carrot stick" wherever Bridget directs.
Picture standing on a hillside with the wind blowing surrounded by her herd of mares. You have a pocketful of carrots on one side, and apple slices on the other. (No apple seeds
-Bridget will explain.) The "girls" all come up to say "Hi" and get themselves a little treat. They are all carrying the new round of foals that spring will bring.
(Except for the filly, who is still too young.)
After, I videotaped Bridget putting my new guy through his Parelli paces. How she keeps his attention with all the farm's distractions, is beyond me. Even I had to turn my head when his Dad, "Issue of Gold" came galloping up and down his paddock, bucking and kicking up his heels.
Finally, Bridget reaches into her rol-a-dex, and gives you all the info. you need to get your horse vetted, insured and shipped expeditiously. She'll produce all the horses health records from a well-organized notebook.
Now that all is taken care of , and its time to fly home, you may just decide that you simply cannot live the rest of your life outside the Virginia countryside.
Well, Bridget is also a realtor, and she'll give you her card, with a smile, and her website, where you can find just the right home to live out your newly wished-for life.
Perhaps a little something on the Shenandoah????
Ahh, if only all of lifes experiences were this simple, and this pleasant
Thanks again Bridget and Fred!

Sincerely yours,
Wendy and Aussie

December 16th, 2003
Merry Chirstmas!

Hi there at Norsire Farm, just found your wonderful website. You really have some lovely horses, I am also fascinated by your great choice of Tb - mares. Can't wait to see the 2004 foals. Merry X-mas and happy New Year from a small tb / wb breeder in Denmark.

Peter Nielsen

October 15th, 2003
Aloha From Kauai

Aloha Fred and Bridget,
Met you on the airplane from Kauai. Hope you all had fun. Do you remmeber us? I was sitting next to you and my husband was on the other side of me.
Sure wish we were closer. If I'm ever close enough, I'd fly over in a heart beat to see your farm and your horses.
Oh my what DREAM Horses you have.
email me back if you like. Good to meet you both.


August 24th, 2003
Misplaced Gold My Special Filly!

Hi Bridget,
I am so happy with my girl, she is doing so great. She has been so easy to handle and is so sweet. She gets along with all the yearlings out at the barn and is just so great to be around. I will try and send you pictures of her as she gets bigger.


August 20th, 2003
God Bless Norsire Farm

Love your site, can't wait to do buisness with you at Norsire.

Alan Auman

August 2nd, 2003
I LOVE My New Baby!

I found this website through Equine.com and was interested in purchasing one of the babies. I was a bit wary at first because I live in Georgia and wouldn't be able to see the baby in person. Bridget was very up-front about everything and sent me a video of the baby I was interested in. Bridget was always available to answer all my questions/concerns. My new girl "Misplaced Gold" arrived tonight (8/2/03) and was just what I expected and more. She was leading great and not nervous about anything. She walked right off the trailer acting like she owned the place! She has settled in great and I'm sure I will be happy with her for many years to come. I would encourage the purchase of a horse from Bridget to anyone. Thanks so much Bridget...I will send you pictures as she grows big!


July 28th, 2003
News From Shop Til U Drop

Hi Bridget
How are you?I am sorry if you haven't heard anything from me since my trip at your place. But I just wanted to give you an update of Tilly (aka Clementine). We moved to Massachusetts a year and a half ago. So we had to rediscover winter like we had in Montreal. Clementine adjusted well, I first I put her in a hunter/jumper barn because they had beautiful fields to ride in and I didn't want her to be worked to intensely in Dressage, she needed to mature a bit and have fun. In January my dressage trainer told me it was time to be in a dressage barn, the jumps were getting in our way. So I went to Lockspur, this beautiful dressage facility and we worked on our movements. My trainer just loves her! She has such a great disposition. So anyway we showed 1st level this summer and we did great! we got a 66% at spring show but because I was not part of the canadian federation I had to ride Hors Concours, I don't have to tell you how desapointed I was since we got first place. But the good news is we just got back from a 3 day show in Woodstock vermont and we did great. We got a 64%, a 65% which give us 2nd place, a 60% because she had this huge spook ( it was raining and this guy came out of the woods wearing this big red rain coat!!!) but we got a 5th place.
I wanted to let you know how well she was doing.
I hope all is well with and your horses.


June 22nd, 2003
Gold Visa My Golden Boy

Hi Bridget,
Doodles/Gold Visa is looking fine! He has turned a wonderful golden color. He is the best horse!
He gets lots of attention from everyone at our stable, he is the only Palomino color horse in the barn!
We need your help with our first registration form. We are filling out the form for the Int'l Colored Sport Horse Registry. On the form it says
we need to have a copy of his pedigree or registration and registration numbers and colors of horses in the blood lines before submitting the forms.
Without this he is only eligible for color stock papers? Can you tell us how to fill out this portion of the papers?

Thanks much,
Susan & Elisabeth

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