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Bridget Perry & Pure White Gold
aka Snowman

We are very proud to share some correspondence received from our customers, clients, and visitors.  We can provide contact information for the people listed below upon request.   We here at Norsire feel that "word of mouth" is the best form of advertisement. Our success can be attributed to the quality horses we produce, and people like the individuals below, that believe in our breeding program.   This makes it all worthwhile.....

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December 28th, 2010
Best surprise birthday present he could ever give me and you helped make it happen - thank you! 

Dear Bridget and Fred:
Thank you so much for your kind hospitality by showing Jeff and I around Norsire Farm on December 11th and taking the time to introduce us to your beautiful, well-mannered herd of horses!  I told Jeff it was the best surprise birthday present he could ever give me and you helped make it happen - thank you!  I have attached our photos from that day.  I think you will really like the one of Fancy giving me a kiss while her buddies took notice!  I especially like the one of Jeff and Snowman looking straight at the camera!  Snowman was the most gentle stallion I have ever encountered and I am sure it is due to your professional and loving handling and care for them all.  I believe the pure white horse is truly special.  The trip was definitely well worth the miles from Florida to Virginia after all the years of admiring your horses/foals from afar by viewing your website.  One day, as Jeff said, we will come back to purchase a beautiful horse who will hopefully be pure white as Snowman and Cricket or rare in color as Fancy (she was precious!) We had a wonderful time.
Hopefully we'll be up in that area again with our son so he can share the experience too!  As we said, please call us if you are ever want to visit Tampa so we can take you to the beach or a football game and fishing as well - we truly mean that! 
Wishing you both a healthy, happy and successful 2011!
God bless you and your horses!
Yours truly,
Rebecca (aka Becky) and Jeff Masser
P.S. Harper's Ferry was terrific and we also drove into D.C. to see the Christmas tree and the White House - it was a great day!

December 16th, 2010
Burnished Gold Leaf...Thanks again for selling me this fabulous boy!

Hey Bridget!

Time has gotten away from me but I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Leif is doing great here at our farm!  He says to tell you that Texas does get cold!  I took these pictures on a day when the wind chill was in the 20ís.  Anyway he has adjusted to his herd quite well and is such a doll in the field.  He has one of the nicest temperaments of any baby I have ever owned.  He is  really an in your pocket type guy that we have to practically shove out of the barn every night.  Before I bought him,  I asked you how tall he was and you told me 15.2 in the rear and 15 upfront due to a growth spurt.  To be honest, my experience with most breeders is that they exaggerate the height by a good half hand.  I was not too concerned because at 5í5Ē I was really looking for a horse that would mature at 15.3 or so.  Well imagine my surprise when Leif showed up and he is exactly as you measured him!  Now I am worried that he will end up over 16.2!  But as sweet as he is I am sure he will be a dream to ride. My trainer loves his conformation, temperament and especially the size of his cannon bones and knees.  I am so thrilled to own him and canít wait for him to grow up so we can start riding him!

 Thanks again for selling me this fabulous boy!

 Amy Hunt

November 19th, 2010
Hidden Gold Mystery by Issue Of Gold out of Queen Debonair

Hi Brigette,
Here are a couple of pics of Mystery. Unfortunately I can't find the ones of her under saddle. I don't know what happened to them. I'll have to ask Paige when she gets home next week. She's at VMI in school.

Mystery is the most wonderful young horse that I've had the experience and privilege to have in my barn. She is all down to business when she is handled. She will make someone and absolutely fabulous mount. I wish I had the time to work/ride her. Give her a month of consistency and she will be well on her way to be whatever anyone wants her to be. Preferably a hunter!

Thanks for putting this on your news section, and sorry it took so long for me to get the pics to you.

Take care,

July 6th, 2010
BB Member Micewoman, my condolences on your losses
Hi Fred and Bridget
Sorry I have Been so Quiet on the bb but have not been feeling my best for the past few months and I just lost my Very very Dear Grand Father back in April so have been trying to cope with that.  It is one thing after another here don't know about out there but can just guess what you guys are going through.  From what I have been able to gather you guys lost 3 babies this Year I am so sorry for your Losses. My deepest Prayers go out to you and the Mommas. Hope the Rest of your foaling year goes with out a Hitch and Pray that this note finds you and Fred and all the Fur Kids Healthy and Well. Kisses to Kiki for me please.


June 13th, 2010
Upperville Colt & Horse Show

Easter Blessing aka Bugsy Yearling TB Colts & Geldings

photo by Jen Johndrow

Fred and Bridget,

Hope you all got home and got some much deserved rest. Bob and I were having a contest as to who could pick out the winners today as the horses past us. Now Bob had no idea which horses were yours but as your horse and the budweiser guy's horse entered the ring Bob said, " Well, this isn't hard to pick the winner here, I've got the pretty one". So, to us novices, we could pick out the winner and the people around us knew who really was the winner of that class by the comments. Good job!

"Charlie" Oren
Berryville, Va.

May 29th, 2010
Preakness Gold's first photo shoot with Sunflower Photography

Click here to see all the photos taken that day


May 25th, 2010
Sunflower Blossom was born, here she is!!  She will be dual reg with APHA and The Jockey Club!!!  She is a keeper!!


May 18th, 2010
Ebony Gold Orchid, she is an angel and I lover her already

Hi there,
She arrived later than expected.......8:40 PM......

She is an angel and I love her already.  It was pitch dark in the area where she was unloaded and she was wide eyed but had her head nice and low still and I took her into the barn to her stall.

She immediately found the plastic apple/treat hanging next to her feeder and attacked it......apparently, it is something she likes :o)  Then she played around in the water, licked the heck out of her salt lick, and began eating hay.  Then she decided she really liked pawing and playing with the deep shavings and she had two really good rolls to scratch her back

I brought her an extra bucket of water with electrolytes to attach in her stall since we only have automatic small waterers and she looked pretty sucked up and dehydrated. 

I made her a hot bran mash which she LOVED.  I let her just hang out in her stall and she was very dusty just from traveling so I thought I would get a soft brush and just start on her neck to see if she was annoyed with it or if she liked it.  As soon as I started brushing her neck and moved to her shoulder, she turned her head back towards me and just set her chin against my shoulder and she let out a big sigh.  It was like she finally realized her long journey was over :o)  She let me brush her whole body down without moving one foot the entire time and I just had her loose in her stall with no halter.  She really seemed to enjoy being loved on and babied.

I will keep you posted on her, I am going to see her before I go to work tomorrow :o)

Thank you again for the opportunity to own such a sweet and lovely mare.


PS, here are some photos from my iphone so they are not that great, but better than nothing.


May 15th, 2010
Preakness Gold aka Dually was born not only on my birthday, but also on the same day as the Preakness was run in MD!  So the name Preakness Gold seemed fitting with the Black Eyed Susans as the preakness flower.  Gold with black highlights, Dually is a maximum expressed perlino colt, a double dilute buckskin.


May 13th, 2010
Your Lovely Ebony is safely on her way to CA

Just wanted to let you know your lovely girl is safely on her way.  The hauler already emailed me to let me know she loaded great and was riding quietly.  He is expecting to arrive at my barn at noon on Wednesday which is perfect because I am off of work that day and can personally make sure she is settled and of course, spoiled immediately :o)


March 13th, 2010
Lurker from Chronicle of the Horse

Blonde Filly,

Just wanted to say I am a big lurker on your website as I love looking at your gorgeous colored babies... that new filly born this year is just the cats meow to me. Wish I had the $$$$! Stunning! Congrats! What a neat program you have, and I admire that you aren't tooting your own horn here as others seem to......

I am a huge fan of the colored TB's... I've always had a pipe dream of having my own.  I live in the UP of Michigan, so the LC issues gets in the way for me and I get a little backed off by all the bickering in the colored community..... I sure would have fun trying to explain to people in my local community that a buckskin, palomino, or really max sabino was actually a Reg. TB. :lol:

Katerenne from COTH


February 27th, 2010
Blizzy the Blanket Model!!

February 16th, 2010
Blizzy's first outing at 3 day old

February 16th, 2010
Rumors has the first foal of 2010 for Norsire Farm

Our first foal of 2010 is almost here.  She was born just after the second record breaking snow ever in our Washington, D.C. area of Northern VA!!

Meet Bizy Blizzy Rumors aka Blizzy born just after 2 back to back record breaking blizzards that we only days before she was born.

February 15th, 2010
Rumors has wax!!!

Rumors has some serious ready to foal wax!!! It will be within 24 hours now.

January 22nd, 2010
Gift Baskets

Just discovered La Toute Premiere is empty, so we will only be needing 8 Gift Baskets for the guess the foaling date and time.  Runchkin helped me make all the baskets up and he is very proud of them!   Such a cute boy!


January 19th, 2010
Presidents Day

Well Gracie decided to start off the new year with trying to remove her leg, on only god knows what...she cut her leg down to the bone...so I have months and months ahead of me to heal this beauty!!!

January 1st, 2010
Happy New Year from the kids!

We are hoping for a happy 2010 here at Norsire Farm with 9 foals due this year.  The two boys are 11 months old now...so handsome!!! JR had something else on his mind during this photo!!! LOL!  Silly Boy!!!

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