Zillionair is nominated to the International Hunter Futurity for 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 foals.
Breed to a proven stallion who's offspring sell out year after year and are winning on the line!!!

Norsire Farm's done it again for the third year in a row...
Won the Upperville Colt & Horse Show in 2007, 2008 &
2009 Colt & Filly TB Foal Class!!!

Kiki's Gold Obsession Won the Upperville Colt & Horse Show on 2009 Colt & Filly TB Foal Class!!

Annie's Gold Charm Won the Upperville Colt & Horse Show 2007 Colt & Filly TB Foal Class!!!
uppervilleannie22.JPG (49395 bytes)

Gold Tycoon has won numerous Yearling TB Classes & Best Young Horse Championships on the line!!!
tycon33.JPG (48385 bytes)

Since, Leslie Nelson/Sterling Silver Stables purchased Gold Tycoon in October 2008 from Bill Rube/By Design Farm he has been  Best Young Horse or Res Best Young Horse at  every show he competed in. In all he was USEF Zone 8 Year End  Champion Hunter Breeding Two Year old, He was Zone 8 Champion as well at the Tucson Fall festival where they held the zone Championships.  He brought home The Arizona Hunter Jumper Association 2008 Year End Championship for  Hunter Breeding Two year olds! Plus he was 6th in the Nation for USEF Hunter Breeding 2 Year olds!

Gold Tycoon as a 2 year old at Devon in 2008

Photo by Chris Tolar

Photo by Chris Tolar

Ebony Gold Iris  pictured at Upperville in Yearling TB Class

EbonyGoldIriscon2.jpg (63391 bytes)
photo by Laura Cotterman

ebonygoldirisuppertrot.jpg (59746 bytes)
photo by Laura Cotterman
Frozen Semen Available on Zillionair

Every mare so far that has been bred has been confirmed infoal with Zillionair's Frozen Semen!!!

One of those mares was 21 years old and was bred on the farm!!!
All so far have been on farm breedings and not clinic breedings!!!

2012 Fee
Private Treaty!

Semen Collected, Stored & Shipped from Equine-Reproduction

Frozen Semen is now available again, limited supply, reserve now to insure you get your breeding doses for 2012!!!

Sabino Pinto Cremello Jockey Club Registered Stallion
By Issue Of Gold out of Queen Debonair by Lucky Debonair

Frozen Semen only for outside mares, we are not doing any live cover  on outside mares.

Please inquire by phone only @ 540-668-9095, no e-mails.

e/e A/A Cr/Cr
(this means ZERO chance of smokey black foals out of bay mares!)


               Photos by Bridget Perry

      Zilly.jpg (193876 bytes)

zillytrotbl.jpg (44091 bytes) 833



has offspring offered for sale

Producing 100% *Palominos and Buckskins
* When bred to grey mares foal produced will be one of the above colors, but may turn grey if dam also gives her color gene.  Also may produce cremellos if bred to palomino or other cremello mares.  

Zillionair WILL NOT reproduce his blue eyes and pink skin in his offspring out of solid colored mares.  These characteristics are only found on double dilute horses and result from the double dilution of the cream gene.  Zillionair will pass on the dilute gene 100% of the time. You are guaranteed a palomino foal from chestnut mares 100% of the time.  With a bay mare the foal would be palomino or buckskin, with ZERO chance of a smokey black due to him being homozygous for the agouti gene.   The only way to produce a pink skinned foal with blue eyes is with another palomino mare, perlino, or cremello mare.

Zillionair was born on August 3, 1999.  Zillionair has two full stockings up to the knees, a right hind full stocking up to the hock, a left hind sock, a huge star with wide connecting stripe with connecting snip on the nose and a white mane and tail.

Would you like to see some of Zillionair's offspring?   Please click on name to see photos below.

2011Foals By Zillionair
Golden Beach Bum

2010Foals By Zillionair
Bizy Blizzy Rumors
Ebony Gold Rosette
Ivory Gold Coast

2009Foals By Zillionair
Kiki's Gold Obsession

Easter Blessing
Izzy's Wedding Day
Premiere Goldflake
Victorian Gold Rose
Mom's Tiffany Gold

Burnished Gold Leaf
2008 Foals By Zillionair
Cassie's Gold Locket
Golden Peach Blonde
Timless Blonde
Black Gold N Ivory
Admired By All
Tiny Golden Dancer

2007 Foals By Zillionair

LLord Buckingham
Snow White Lady
Mz Blonde
Fine Gold Broker

Annie's Gold Charm
Facts Not Rumors

22006 Foals by Zillinoair
Ebony Gold Iris-JC TB Filly
Gold Tycoon-JC TB Colt
La Toute Premiere
Solid Gold Coin-JC TB Colt

2005 Foals by Zillinoair
Ebony Gold Rose-JC TB Filly
    Gold Halo-JC TB & APHA Filly      

2004 Foals by Zillinoair
Bright Gold Flames-JC TB Colt
Sparkles Of Gold-JC TB Filly

2003 Foals by Zillinoair
Glimmering Gold-JC TB Filly
Wishingwell Of Gold-Dutch/TB Filly



JJockey Club Registered

1999 Stallion

Issue of Gold

Gold Apollo Milkie Deer Lodge
Tootsie T
Wild Jone I'm Going
Wild Lucy
Issue's Call Issue Round Table
Face The Facts
Dee's Native Native Rythm
Miss D.T.
Queen Debonair Milkie Deer Lodge Deerlands
Blue Teton
Tootsie T Onomea
Store Bought Woman Lucky Debonair Vertex
Fresh As Fresh
Miss American Pie Pampered King II

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